Monday, February 21, 2011

What Innocence Can Do

As you age, existence becomes complex when pleasant duties start to vex. Your sanctuary, your only source of sanity, becomes more vital when time is your only enemy. You searched for that “peace of mind”, but could never see…your virtue was the only remedy.

By Skye Lyon
18 February 2011

The Solidarity Bee ("H-Bee")

Such an oddity you are, oh stingless bee. You have no volitional motive to hurt anyone; however, you are seen as the “enemy” with the cynical swagger. I had an aversion to creatures of your type, yet suddenly I am now utterly captivated by every single move you make. The way your infringed powers seduce me in to loving everything about you is the sole reason to why I am irrevocably frightened by you. You are the lover I have always desired to have. Tears come and go as they please, not due to me feeling any pain inflicted by you…only the foreboding possibility of me ever losing you. Please, I plead to you my tender beast…never fly away from me. My love, my love and only my love I selflessly surrender to you, oh stingless bee.

By Skye Lyon
15 February 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lone Star Vagabond

Soak yourself in this revelation. Breathe.
Come to terms and realize you are nothing anymore –
Tattered letters on your jacket lose their gilded pride.
Your handsome looks have all but faded away.
Agility your feet once harnessed are now but slow and feeble.
You are nothing anymore, just dust in the wind –
Your biography is traced into the wrinkles of your face telling many stories of the people you have met, the tragedy you have been through, and lessons you have learned through maturity.
Chapped lips no longer utter the words, “I am strong. I am fearless. I am Alpha. I am Omega.”
They fall short in the midst of your everlasting race –
Lone, barren, and lost forever
in place of the stars…

By Skye Lyon
20 October 2010