Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Body Supernova

It appears to be a constant battle between my virtue and my body. Virtue always seems to merge itself in between certain deeds that I would be tempted to dapple into, causing guilt to slither its way into my conscience. However, that is only if I had ever thought of performing such deeds as those. I admit, I have. I cannot help myself. It is not so much the idea of his body nor is it so much mine. It is the satisfaction of our body. The coming together of one unit in a romanticized, neo-fashioned way to collide into the fundamental state of completeness. I love him. There is absolutely no denying the fact. He cradles me as he has done before. Young blood flowing in from the deep. In my life, completeness has never felt more complete. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Short Chronicles of Everyday Life

The Park

Dandelions transform into bubbles hovering just slightly above the grass. The wind runs its gentle touch through her hair, while the rest of her brown tresses fall just below her shoulders, slowly grazing the edges of skin and bone. A sigh escapes through her teeth. She misses him more each and everyday they do not see each other. The girl continues to run. Run towards her happiness. Run away from her worries and uncertainties that were left at home. And run to waste time today to see him hopefully tomorrow. The sun bears a constant reminder of the warmth she feels only around him. She keeps her eyes fixed towards the sky and realizes she is not alone. Sweat runs down her face. She heads home.

The Mirror

The consistent hello's and goodbye's of the day are finally concluded. She counts her eyelashes until she makes it up to 75 hairs that stand alone on one eye. She counts the rest. I bet he knows how many eyelashes she has. Maybe, maybe not. Strong, passionate tension stirs when they look at each other vis a vis. All he ever wants to do is hold me and to smell every inch of skin covered in perfume. I stroke his black locks and intertwine them in my elongated fingers. Our lips touch and a spectrum of sensations flow in and out of me. I gasp. Firm arms wrap her like a present and...sigh. He must know every crevice of her face by now. Does he? Questions arise throughout the night while waiting by the phone. He misses her. I know he does. Why is it only Wednesday? Thursday will be our day...he told me on Monday it would. Yawn. Oh well, she will hear from him tomorrow...I suppose.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Only You Do This To Me

A million times over, I find myself in your trap. Subdued by your smile and swept away by the gravity around you. You do not know how long I have waited for you, my precious oddity. My rarity beyond the norm. The only jewel in my eyes in the midst of all the rubble in the world. You are the God and the weight of my world. I knew the moment your lips uttered your first words to me, I had to have you. I am born again! This is not just any other love poem written in formal is an intimate promise, an everlasting decree, to you from me. I give you everything. It is no surprise, you have saved me from my own demise. Only you instill this love in me.

Sisters (A Children's Story)

A sister is a lifelong friend. She is the only friend a young girl really needs. Sisters learn to love one another regardless of their differences.

Both of the girls remain loyal and true. No day with a sister could ever be sad or blue. She paints the world around you with colors so vibrant that laughter is the only way to explain her duty.

As time goes on, days together become more precious than ever before. Resting on the sunny shores of a beach turn into an adventure of discovery. The clear water covering our toes and not a single cloud in the sky! These simple things brought so much wonder to our eyes. Can't we stay this young forever?

As they grow up, their sisterhood grows stronger. And stronger. And stronger.

Prior tears and anger all fade away from memory. School friends will come and go as they please, leaving no trace left behind.

A sister will always comfort and plant their compassionate words into your heart. Like the month of May or the flowers of June...

A love for a sister will never cease to amaze you.