Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Rising of the New Moon

Ribbons of vermillion colored clouds,
folding and weaving into and out of each other
as they blanket the young city,
create somewhat of a
beautifully forboding
So tempting.
So alluring.
All that needs to be said,
all that I yearn to hear
whispered so sweetly in my ear,
lies ahead.
Something enticing and tanigible
rests comfortably at my feet.
An outpour of emotions that remained surpress for too long
rests comfortably in my heart.
A divine darkness drapes over me.
I kiss the new moon "hello".

"The Kiss"
by Gustav Klimt (1908)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Animals Who Giveth

I feel oh so human the way you make me love you;
never perfect, yet you always jolt in the same circuit
through my animalistic veins -
I question myself, will I ever be the same?
Moving hands to grab hold of the reigns
better than any other man would, like anyone should...
however, being human never felt
so raw, so wrong, so right
until predator and prey made contact tonight.
Be the huntsman who knows no fright -
plan accordingly to bring me to a spiritual light
to make me see my present day with eyes so new
through this pagan religion that weakens my knees
to worship you
on the underbrush, with thorns that fray.
Under the giveth to me.
Prayers loaded and aimed at the heavens...please, never taketh away!

"The Feeding"
Watercolor painting by Skye Lyon


...And all that you will ever be
are all the beautiful lies that you said to me.
So when the dawn has risen
and glossed my honey eyes,
it will come as no surprise
to brake away from my lonesome rest.
I hope that, one day, you will see the best
in all that I attempted to offer you
as a small token of my inconsolable,
loving devotion...
for you.