Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boy & Girl Meet One Reality

The taste of your tongue -
an assortment of exotic flavors
full of vitality and voluminous
telluric character
that blooms in each one quite
Pools of wet saliva build up inside the burrow of my mouth,
and slowly leak out from the sides due to the insatiable
craving I get just by grazing the lining of my lips
against the brim of your skin -
a certain Pavlovian condition that I
just cannot seem to shake.
Flesh goes numb in every crevice
the moment I see your body walk through my door.
When my mind starts dreaming of you
it grows into a vexing chore.
I instantaneously want
your heartbeat next to my ear,
your fingers coiled in my hair,
your every sigh perfuming my nose.
I want the heavenly bodies to know,
with taupe colored bows wrapped
firmly around these two conscience beings,
we are one.
Bounded together for the long haul...
forever can never be enough.
Every "hello" you utter, makes me realize
the short term agony,
the iridescent solitude
I feel when you whisper "goodbye".
Stay here with me just awhile longer -
bundle your arms around my waist
in such an adolescent fashion -
at the foot of my porch looking up,
so I can absorb every resplendent feature
about you and the sky above
that cradles us
in the prologue of

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ryde Wit Chu (My God...)

Holding on to this moment
before I speak too soon -
 however, my lips cannot help but confess...
all I want to do is venture off with you
down this small town avenue,
down the rippling stream,
where subtle slurs are hardly ever what they mean.
Drifting downward to the meaning
of all the things I would ever need.
Planting the seed of loving greed
when I am alone with you.
So cold and yet so bewitching and fair.
Living with one heart,
never carrying a spare throughout our entire affair.
My eyes have always followed you
regardless of the maze I foolishly placed
my past life in.
Tears falling like diamonds from your eyes -
containing not an ounce of sin -
finding their way through the curvature and blunt edges
of your handsome face
with a droplet's hue of softened blue
that careens your cheek.
You smile like no one has ever made you -
as if no one can see the load
of exuberance emanating from you.
Just have faith in knowing that all I want to do,
is to continue to flow
against the current,
obliterating all odds
just to be with you.
You are my God I pray to for countless nights straight
under millions of witnesses
(known as the constellations):
Orion, Hercules, and both
Ursa Major & Minor -
to name a few -
just to feel you bestow
a sense of completeness
in my afflicted heart.
From the very start,
our eyes locked in such a way
that in my mind there was no alternate way
to flee the gravitational pull
of my attraction to you.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Symphony No. 16 in Mid-November

I beg of you
to never change the tone
of your whispers, of your mid kiss moans.
Grazing your hands over the fire in the flesh -
underneath it all...
overwhelming felicity
swells up inside the crown of your head
flaring both our cheekbones to a
Venetian red.
Before I utter one more consonance...
seal our fate with a single kiss,
on this avenue corner in the middle of town
where the world stops,
held captive by the speed of light,
where no one seems to say a singular
syllabic sound.
Make certain you know
where your hands
grace, where they glide
slip your palm so subtly in mine -
lace your fingers around my side.
The taste of your breathe,
the countless ways your eyes glean -
reminiscent of all the humanly royalties 
yet unseen.
Wrapped in the protection of your arms
as you tower me over the scene...
you reeled me in with velvet eyes.
Hypnotized by the constant tug and push
of your lips against mine -
kissing the words right out of my mouth.
Out through the rouged opening that could not
be torn from the surface of your skin.
Oh! How does it feel to be rescued again?
Hours pass by.
Passersby blurred out from our field of vision.
No sense of clear division
between our anatomical bodies,
between us and the celestial bodies,
between our feet and the Earth beneath.
If some people are lucky,
they will sharpen their hazy senses and see
how it feels to make contact with that one in million.
Passion in the eyes of the hungry at heart -
the thrill of discovering this much anticipated start.
Nestling my floored facade in between
your chin and scarf,
lulling myself into a state of sheer ease
with your body scent so sweet
by merging itself
with the midnight breeze I once knew.
Planting my feet close to fact,
I remain marveled by your magic
with the bright eyes
of an insomniac.
Strikingly speechless,
quivering in the cross hairs
of the autumn reserves diminish
under the falling stars and
the poise of our first

"The Lovers II"
by Rene Magritte (1928)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Poppies (The Thrill Of Acceptance)

If you cannot accept someone
at their worst,
you are not worthy of them
at their pivotal best.
I give selflessly
unto you
a gift of a loving magnitude.
I beg of you not to shrug away,
fall into a field of poppies
reaping hastily the bounty of
the sacred, the wholesome, the lowly…like me.
That character does not suit you.
I love you for you
and the respect you bestow upon me
day by day,
with every kiss that heads my way.
Our attraction, a perpetual movement
into the ornate, starlit abyss -
the ambiguous driving force
of my actions
lead me into your grasp.
With tender fingers, so cool and collected,
to take hold with a spherical motion
and gather up all the broken bits
left behind.
You accept me.
I cannot say any one has treated me
so beautifully this way before;
however, here you are facing me
with eyes that plunge me into an erotic scene.
I cry incredulously
at the euphoric sensation I obtain
when I remain sleepless
throughout the night thinking only of you
and how you morphed me back into
the woman I once knew.
I never believed anything could be
as intoxicating as a stroke of the hair,
a fleeting look, a supple kiss
that opens my closed eyes to a world
so unforgettable as this.
So if a tug at my heartstrings is all it takes
to put my entire being at stake,
I will do whatever I must
to be with the one I pine for,
the one I lust,
the only one,
only you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perfect Day

What if I swore now
I would never let you roam alone,
wander the roads,
estranged and deranged,
lacking love…what would you say?
A patient “yes” from you
is what makes me live
for tomorrow.
Your glossy eyes, so meek and vain,
magnetizing me
ever so bashfully with mighty reigns.
A longing break from a recurring trance
to make my heart flutter impulsively again
without a single glance looking back.
A friend, a lover, the one
I see in you.
Fact holds true, what people say,
a historic past perpetually sets on 
that perfect day.
You are all I need.
All I want.
All that makes me crave
to be cradled in your arms evermore.
A hybrid of
grace and fear
only morphs into a pile of
agreeable tears that binds me
to an idyllic man.
You and I,
drifting into the surreal blue
that highlights the greater gain
of a reality that has long been due.
Oh destiny, how I need you
undeniably prepped
for our perfect day.