Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prudence & The Art of Arguements

Candle wax seeps beneath the gaps of a lovers belligerent yell,
while the partner that submits peacefully, instead yearns for the gates of hell.
Both take a trip alongside their ego claiming their thoughts hold true.
A shriek heard from yesterday was heated with hostile haste; but, all alone the woman obediently remains in place.
The night blows the candles out and wishes for the sun to rise.
The woman warned him not to forsake her in superior eyes.
Dawn will pass the kings final goodbyes.
Live one day more, die one day less.
Marry me,
bury me,
and leave me to rest.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Help Me Understand You...

It is all about that morning glory
when you wake up from your long due slumber
to find yourself next to that one woman who turned your life upside down.
Positioned in an embryonic form
curled firmly, frozen under the bed sheets,
you contemplate how you ever survived without her.
Unfortunately, you never made her feel appreciated.
You reeled her in as the only one you ever longed for,
then you cynically cast her away so coldly.
You know with all your divine intuition that she is your life;
later that afternoon she gathers her belongings together
and leaves
without any hesitation.
In the afterglow of the night sky,
you finally realize -
you never did anything to stop the love of your life 
from saying goodbye.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A.G.E. (A Gracious Eternity, from Him to Her)

My fingers tremble over her graceful, aged face.
Her smile that hides beneath flushed lips,
emanate repressed thoughts that remain left unsaid.
I can only yearn to fully engulf myself in her timeless bounty.
Sometimes, when I lay alone in my room,
I laugh inside and welcome this woman
as my eternal sunshine in this everlasting splendor.
Every year that passes by, threads itself into our unbreakable bond.
She found me in a sea of moving, lifeless figures and set me apart.
At any moment, she can utterly tear me apart.
This I knew from the very start. She is the growing fire in my heart
that should never be dampened nor destroyed.
My hunger grows deeper.
Age has no explanation.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Golden Loneliness

She is the epitome of everything I desire to be.
He is the everything. Absolutely everything my heart tries to find for me.
Every moment I revert inside, I would find a way to run and hide
hoping these doubts would surely die.
My mind yelling, "I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried, I tired!"
A deep breath, a strong hold.
I just have to let go of the gold.

Moods morph into the monster that grows hard to kill
and the wine flows over the brim. Seconds away from the spill.
Cannot take this lonliness; but all in all, the bitterness grows hard to tame.
Believeing truly there has to be a better time.
No more room for the nevermind's.
"It will get better", or so I have been told.
I just have to let go of the gold.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Prime Meridian

Human goodness can only be measured by the intent of the giver. Its base remains a stoic presence forever lingering in our hearts, regardless of the pain, the toil, the pivotal glory, and the everlasting wonder that entraps our days. Minute by minute. Second by nothingness. Malicious actions and the holiness surrounding all living beings, forms a great barrier dividing human nature in two. The fork in the road has no limits, just consequences. Those outcomes intersect at a definite point. Zero. Never being waived in either direction. Always in its sole place in universal time.

Photo taken & edited by Skye Lyon