Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ought To Be

Oh reclusive lover,
give me your frigid heart
if that cannot happen
finish your courting, at once, and I will be torn apart.

if Eros works in my favor
you will have the abundant - 

of what is ought to be.
I will surrender my unceasing love.
Seal your fate
in a kiss to me.

Let that speak the words of loyalty.
If you are here,
then I would pray
that you are nowhere else.

Selfish by nature,
yet a shattered woman
truly vulnerable at heart -

it is at times unbearable to tear the two apart.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Salute (P.S. Do Not Worry)

Photo taken by Skye Lyon
at The Flaming Lips Concert 2011.
Death, the common equalizer, is what makes all humans purely human. No one person amounts better than the other. The hearts and souls, so beautiful and odd, created by a force other than our own evolution. Full bodied lips, the gateway to so many secrets hidden behind naive human flesh. We encompass everything and yet, resolute into nothing in the end but particles of iridescent light glowing in an afterlife together. A cornucopia of sinners, givers, believers, and lovers floating gently against the wind with an ascetic aura emanating all around. This, my friend, is what makes our life so precious. Blessed with so many gifts and yet we carry on everyday with such little gratitude. This is what everyone imagines Heaven on Earth to be. Do not worry. If you need my help, throw your hands freely up above and reach for the sky. Close your eyes and let your tears fall as the may.

Here I am.

"Small Fish" Episode 4: "Invitation Inside"

"I am left here, once again at the end of my line, to pick up the shards of my broken heart. I am not begging of you to change your reckless habits...I have been begging you for two years and it has been two years too long. I give you my word to never be subjected to your crap ever again. You can guarantee that. I have always loved you and would have continued to love you for the rest of my life; however, you take comfort in your neighbor's rebellious antics. It is a shame, they will never love you like I love you. This is the last time you will be hearing from me. I packed my bags. I am leaving tomorrow morning. Goodbye."

Laurie figured it was best to leave the letter on the coffee table and to walk away for good. Her pain evolved to anger and then from anger manifested itself into a virus spreading through her body like wildfire. How could any woman recover from a breakup that intense? How could anyone learn to move on from the one they thought was going to be theirs forever? Laurie's heart was no longer fancy free, but became stonewalled. She locked herself up like an animal back at her old condo; caged and barred from the outside world. Her thought consumed her mind, what did Gil find so appealing in this other woman? Was her lifestyle just too morally righteous? Lacking the edge that Gil found so attractive in Tonica, she thought if anyone would love her for the woman she was. If she did find someone that she developed feelings for, would she be guided by her emotions once again or would her intuition try to tame them. This can only make me wonder, how do you know when to leave "the cage door" open in your heart? Should "the door" ever be opened at all?