Scratch Me Out

My Poetics:

Dear Readers,

Love, with all its complexities, is the main (but certainly not the only) driving force behind my writing. The toxicity, the purity, the happiness, and the raging fury one undergoes to find that one they are meant to share their precious time with here on Earth happens to be the most exhilarating journey any person can traverse on. Give me the pain, the passion, the sweet uncertainty, the unsettling anxiety and I will make the life you once knew of into a romance novel for the ages! Black and white with shades of grey is what the world has engulfed itself into...I am bringing back the rosy underbelly of what breathe-taking dreams and disturbing realities are made of. The core of what every humanly reaction "ought to be". Divine physicality and the winding road of passion and discovery. 

I find this concept incredibly important due to everyone having some sort of history with “love” that can be related to a larger scale. Whether it was a certain childlike experience that happened years ago or an ongoing relationship that can never be fully found anywhere or with anyone else. We all can relate. I aim for my writing to take you into the mind of someone either charmingly na├»ve to the world and all its follies or the intellectual “grandfather clock” who seems to intrude with a voice of reason. When I write…I produce “my reality” instead of merely replicating it.

Best Regards,
                 Skye J. Lyon
                 - Author & Creator of North Of Mars