Monday, February 21, 2011

The Solidarity Bee ("H-Bee")

Such an oddity you are, oh stingless bee. You have no volitional motive to hurt anyone; however, you are seen as the “enemy” with the cynical swagger. I had an aversion to creatures of your type, yet suddenly I am now utterly captivated by every single move you make. The way your infringed powers seduce me in to loving everything about you is the sole reason to why I am irrevocably frightened by you. You are the lover I have always desired to have. Tears come and go as they please, not due to me feeling any pain inflicted by you…only the foreboding possibility of me ever losing you. Please, I plead to you my tender beast…never fly away from me. My love, my love and only my love I selflessly surrender to you, oh stingless bee.

By Skye Lyon
15 February 2011

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