Thursday, June 9, 2011

A.G.E. (A Gracious Eternity, from Him to Her)

My fingers tremble over her graceful, aged face.
Her smile that hides beneath flushed lips,
emanate repressed thoughts that remain left unsaid.
I can only yearn to fully engulf myself in her timeless bounty.
Sometimes, when I lay alone in my room,
I laugh inside and welcome this woman
as my eternal sunshine in this everlasting splendor.
Every year that passes by, threads itself into our unbreakable bond.
She found me in a sea of moving, lifeless figures and set me apart.
At any moment, she can utterly tear me apart.
This I knew from the very start. She is the growing fire in my heart
that should never be dampened nor destroyed.
My hunger grows deeper.
Age has no explanation.

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