Friday, August 19, 2011

"Small Fish" Episode 1: "Having It All"

An average woman roaming the streets can't seem to find inner peace within herself or locate a specific love "anchor" to accompany the success she has created around her. Is it genuinely possible to "have it all"? The holy trinity of a successful life - a money-making career, beautiful property along the countryside, and "the one" to spend the rest of your life happily with - depending on those three key elements, 99.9% of people stay grounded in a hectic modern world; however, can a woman of such high social ranking be content with only 2 out of 3? Having it all doesn't come cheap, neither does love. Maybe seeking a life companion is solely based upon sheer luck, not a sociological ratio. In Jennie's case, the "perfect man" in her eyes was a 38 year old college drop out, wealthy gallery owner by the name of McGyver. Being a smooth and suave gentlemen was only the tip of the canvas for a man of this status. His parents, multi-million dollar real estate investors, saved a large sum of their money to put towards McGyver's personal goals ever since he was an infant wrapped in the comfort of personalized Versace diapers. Jennie was hooked. The road to success comes at a pricey cost, unfortunately, her income working as a small town reporter for the local news station was not leading her to the high pedestal she always envisioned herself resting at. Through McGyver, everything she ever wanted was given to her explicitly. He showered her with only the most luxurious clothes a woman could ever want, being his stay-at-home girlfriend with him in his West Hollywood loft, and traveling anywhere on a whim was Jennie's fairy tale fantasy come true. Could this man be everything Jennie wanted? Or was the handsome McGyver just an illusion of prince charming? She wanted to "have it all" but was Jennie willing to "risk it all" for him?

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