Thursday, November 7, 2013

To Poe

Drudgery perfumed melancholy,
pacifies me deep – so very deep – into every perplexing
sound or syllable
of every penned
fear ever felt by you!
Like a haunting veneer
of the unforgettable -
like a lustrous stone
suppressed by the sky,
covetous for an unknowing price.

Pounding sneers of percussion fused rain
slithering over violet stained glass,
feeding the creature that lurks within
your most desired pain.
Folds upon folds
of bewitching paranoia
blur all that was seen or seemed
in the constant relevance of a dream within a dream.
Midnight chimes upon this cruel and desolate hour,
unnerving my soul with such fanatical sensations of horror.
Noir colored obscurities
parading on the walls
bringing forth strange company –
such voyeuristic guests!
Paying homage to the man – the poet – who taught me best.
By accepting normality, the less one will frankly ever know
the ingenious cognizance of brilliant Poe.

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