Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sisters (A Children's Story)

A sister is a lifelong friend. She is the only friend a young girl really needs. Sisters learn to love one another regardless of their differences.

Both of the girls remain loyal and true. No day with a sister could ever be sad or blue. She paints the world around you with colors so vibrant that laughter is the only way to explain her duty.

As time goes on, days together become more precious than ever before. Resting on the sunny shores of a beach turn into an adventure of discovery. The clear water covering our toes and not a single cloud in the sky! These simple things brought so much wonder to our eyes. Can't we stay this young forever?

As they grow up, their sisterhood grows stronger. And stronger. And stronger.

Prior tears and anger all fade away from memory. School friends will come and go as they please, leaving no trace left behind.

A sister will always comfort and plant their compassionate words into your heart. Like the month of May or the flowers of June...

A love for a sister will never cease to amaze you.

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