Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Flip-Flop Heart

Photo taken by Skye Lyon
A hazy cloud laying as a barrier between the only two fish in the sea you can see yourself with.  Both captivating your attention in any possible way they can. Both men mesmerizing to gaze eyes upon. Oh! the toil of a broken heart. A lost glance is the only reminder that there may not be a second chance. Why does she remain so blinded by the clear choice laying right in front of her? No illumination? In some way, she is tortured by her own intuition. The deceiving flip-flop heart needs to constantly be in a state of fascination. Can that be the cause of a woman's destruction? Ambivalence taken to voluminous levels cannot be healthy enough to function due to the grandfather clock ticking its hand at the wrong time. Waiting for love to materialize can take ages to come full circle, but if handle with ease, step by step, the path of enlightenment will guild itself into a treasure worth discovering.

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