Sunday, July 24, 2011

Won By One

You broke through my wall with a hammer so powerful; I witnessed the sound barrier shatter before my eyes. Echoes reverberating off the walls of my heart kept reminding me of all the insecurities you destroyed in me.

It was a war won by one. It was my battle, but you gained victory.

You flung the fears that laid deep inside of me completely out of my body. Blood permeated everywhere - over the vicious and fallen. The incubus was brutally slaughtered with no breathe residing inside its departed shell. I laid helpless - fragile as a child - praying to God this was not Hell. I was stoned...utterly terrified of what would have been an alternate ending if you did not save the last of me.

It was a war won by one. It was my mental battle, but you let the sunlight in.

Captivating my consciousness, you will perpetually be admired as my hero.

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