Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Only Through Silence, We Listen

Sometimes silence bonds two people closer together more than words ever could. Listening to his heart beat can be the only noise that reassures me he feels the same way. Alone, he reaches out for my hand in the middle of an empty room or a crowded hall.

"Oh my love! with me you will never be alone...please dry your eyes."


"Why do I miss him so? Maybe it is because he owns the missing piece of my broken soul.
Do I think he will ever fall in love with the me he once knew? 'Yes' is the only answer I would wish upon my faithful star to be true."

Sometimes it can only be through silence - the absence of the one you love - you gain the insight lost during the course of your liaison. The prolonging mental distortion. Silence, in its mystic way, can bring us running back into each others arms. The words we once said in spite, seem to disintegrate, wounds from the harsh memories remain - but somehow life together learns to flourish again without a single flaw.

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