Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Only Humans Undergo The Cosmic Cycle of Confusion and Abandonment (Otherwise Known As "The Inconclusive War between Father and Son")

The transfiguration of a poor man
into the noble position of a mystic prince
to the celestial throne of everlasting turbulence invites friction
amongst a family line.

Residing in the secure arms of, none other than, his father -
resting in a lacsidasical stupor without the slightest
inclination of hesitation over his time.
Ensnared by a haphazardly trance on the edge of his reign -
dreaming of an ancient order established
during the dawn of all power.
Intoxicated by the thought of his lost lover's relentless glare
pressed sturdy up against his frail face,
against his blood stained cheeks...
to then suddenly wake up...and realize that his existence
is nowhere near as "unearthly" as it seems.

An animated life lacking sense of direction -
with no aspiration of being anything more.
No determination to settle the score between
himself, the son, and the father that relinquished his duty so long before.
The father that bruised and beat him in the midst of war,
who then sliced his only son's heart open
and sprinkled the last ounce of salt
on his open sore,
leaving him betrayed and lame inside.
A poor son laid in a bed of foolish radicals -
fanatical and deprived -
with one last desire:
feeling alive.

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