Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rara Avis

A luminous blur
in a fragmented scene.
A self inflicted stutter
in the ear of
a far distant dream.

I stir in my seat
head spinning with nerves
upon his return.
Tears slit my eyes,
bleeding through my words.
Penned passion
through the days
of all that we heard...
of all that we have seen -

You are a rarity
in the illusion of my reality.
You are the inexhaustible seam
that threads our veins together,
my far distant dream.

...And when the sun exhausts all sources of power,
when the crow has cooed his final call,
I will be there,
exploiting my deeds in the eyes of my maker
hopelessly imploring
to return to you,
my far distant dream.

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