Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shades Of Grey

Cleansing myself in the bathwater of your hostile tears,
somehow helps me to forget all the pain and insanity that roams around
outside the front door.
A world that has forgotten about me long before -
learns to cope with my troubles once more.
In the solitude of my hurt, feeling poor and lonesome all the time -
trying to fool my mind, convincing myself you are here by my side.
God knows I have always tried.
No matter what sort of damage you have done;
I will never have any sense of clarity; without you,
nothing will ever feel as genuine with anyone.
Pleading to take my hurt away -
help me see the bright rays of moonlight
to introduce happiness into my dreams once again.
Sometimes the smallest words that lay in range,
are so difficult to portray in every feeling.
When I whisper under my breathe,
all meaning, all adapted connotations underneath
rot in shades of grey.
Overwhelmed by the hallow area where my rationality should lie,
I attempt to tie the loose ends of my sanity together -
hoping the city passerby's do not mind.

"After Glow of Marigold"
Photo of Skye Lyon (2011)

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