Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finding Country

I have trailed upon a boundless dirt road,
my veins freeze over while waiting for my neighbor
to return with rations for warmth. To shy away
from winter's frosted form, we gather round a fire that scrapes the grey sky.

My shoes soaked from early morning dew,
towns people troubled with their own angst...debating what to do -
how to continue to survive with the amount
of toil we forgo in this bittersweet life.

Days prove to give little warmth,
nights give way for the spine chilling mountain winds to trail in.
Our morals get in the way of our desired sins and regardless
of what kind of wrong I have done, I continue to long for you

no matter how far. I lock hold to some unnatural explanation
to why you left me - behind an exploding star.
Leaves fall from an oak tree down to my ankles they roam,
as I lurk over that same boundless dirt road,

dying for you to come home.
I just wanna hold you babe, I do not want to let you go
when you are welcomed back; however,
do not blame me for everything you will never know…

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