Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stainless (Co-author Sam Drake, 2011 Horror Poetry)

It was one of those days - I could not tell -
earth and sky became one in bloodstained Hell.
Vengence ran frantic in his frozen vein,
rain trickled from his eyes causing a swell...
living with this woman caused the dogs to
yell. Tattered shards bled from his skin all through -
mouth open but no sound, a silent scream.
Unblinking he stares, eyes locked on the drawer.
The gun inside pleading to be my friend.
A kiss is all I need. Kiss, kiss, bang, bang.
Cold steel pressed to a temple of warmth...
finger curled, eyes ache, this is our fate.

Can it be? Should I even think straight?
As I am about to clean our dark slate...

Photo takenand edited by Skye Lyon (2011)

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