Thursday, May 10, 2012

Southern Drawl

A land of frozen hope is my only view from your house, babe.
The mood looks blue through your broken room.
I give away myself today with a rusted jaw
trying to mutter words with a southern drawl
just like you use to do
when you would touch my face softly and say
"I love you".
Yet, somehow I never knew...
somehow just never knew
how much the word "love" meant to you.
The moon has you in its jaded grip,
clenching on to every fear ever feared by you.
Have faith in the words I sip through the straw
because darling matchmaker,
you will not get that far.
Destiny only has one man in mind,
so learn to ease up on your decision.
The choice is mine.
I long to taste the lonely skin I once saw as "new".
Lay here with me tonight,
and please do not disappear with the morning light.
Stroke my hair until I cry
with relief knowing everything will be all right.

"Southern Drawl"
Portrait of a reclining nude in charcoal by Skye Lyon. 2012.

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