Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love's Fatal Ambivalence

Stuck in an ambivalent stupor, I sit here in my loneliness and try to recollect a time when my existence was not an irritant. Not a curse, unknowingly, placed upon my loved ones. On the edge of my demise...I feel a comfortable sensation and a forlorn nostalgia calling me from my adolescence. How I yearn for my virtue and my naive essence that once sustained my fragile being. I cry. Crying with tears that slice straight through my skin, causing me to bleed out my melancholy and regret. Laughing with frightening vigor and through the teeth of a crooked smile - I find my final solution, oddly, in complete disarray. I can only imagine that through this process, it will surely ease my tension forever. My eyes gloss over the gaping depths that lie before me. It is a long way down...3, 2, 1. I surrender. I selflessly give into a supreme love.

By Skye Lyon
3 March 2011

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