Friday, August 3, 2012

Found Under Crooked Keys

A note from you was found under crooked keys,
folded in fourths. It was all I had to get me by.
Strange to say, but you’re the only one who opened
my locked door,
swept into my life on a virgin floor.
You were all I had.
An unfamiliar home burrowed deep in my chest
seemed so much warmer than all the rest.
Now I freeze to death under an open sky
knowing with full certainty I could never tell you goodbye.
It seems so easy how you change your mind...
as if you lost track of all this time.
The door slams shut...
the fighting within myself has strained what we once had,
has clouded our minds to what is sane.
You hurt me bad,
yet, I still pray like a pagan hoping you take me back.
My letter to you was found under crooked keys,
folded in thirds. I was all you had,
when you craved your needs.
Do not speak, darling,
I have seen this many times before.
Do not come near me, babe,
you will only leave me sore.
It is hard to see you in the threshold,
dancing alone,
isolating your body from your thoughts that roam.
You saw my kindness as a chore,
bruised my elusive ego
so long ago
but somehow, I do not think
I care anymore.

"The Night Owl"
Picture of Skye Lyon (2012)

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