Friday, September 14, 2012

The New Native

I learn to run
and eat away at my
inhibitions of yesterday,
as cannibalistic
as some may say.
The natives said it was ok
to forgive those who
have disowned me...
oh, but how they
overtake me.

I learn to keep
all of my foes at bay
as I eat away at my
anxiety...that is what all
the shamans say.
They confirmed there is no way
to seek sanity
as renegade soldiers
continue to
butcher away
at my idleness.

I run from the east end
to the southern bay,
screaming a victors cry
that must be heard somewhere,
heard in the cross hairs
of belligerent play.
I sit in disappointment of
another day
as you rest in complacence
scavenging the bloody bits
of feeble prey...

I say ok...ok...ok, ok, ok
I am done,
so done.
I can't run.
The village does not
believe me?
I am done,
so done.
I can't run.
You cannot hurt me...

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