Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gossamer Hearts & Primitive Promises

A gossamer gown ruffled with tule,
encapsulating the autumn light and violently
spewing it out into the winter darkness
for lazy eyes
to gaze upon in foolish glory.
Too much beauty to take in.
Too many cowards to bring
back down
and realize a false idol
stands before them.
Believing she is a pagan symbol
to put faith in,
to trust again,
to be that lover
who makes to the end;
however, she is a god
who regresses deeply
into primitive promises,
dwindling into solitude,
paying homage
to her former flame.
Love for a needle that pierces
virgin flesh,
draining the fruit of innocence
from that single incident
when he walked straight into
her gossamer heart
and molded that fervor
that would rip her apart.
She dies of delirium
and uncontrollable greed
for her top priority need.
Her lover succeeds
in stealing that iridescent seed,
wrapping the delicate trophy
like a prize.
Spewing the last ounce
of her memory into the rivets
of a new era.
the stars are alive.

"Gossamer Heart"
Photo taken by Skye Lyon. 2012.

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