Sunday, January 20, 2013

Candy Coated

Walk with me, to the end of me.
Where the weeds seep and screams reverb down
across the rubble wreckage beneath my feet.
Fall in love with the chaotic fury that engulfs me.
Where heated anger flows out like passionate lover’s sex.
Never vex of cause a hex on what is good about us, babe.
Wait, what was ever good about us? Don’t hold back…
Ink splattered tears stained my cheeks black.
Ruing my melancholy for all those years and
my unborn happiness I will never get back.
Vacantly listening to songs pressed on vinyl,
yearning for those lone hearted desires etched on wax.
Bed sheets painted our arguments mad -
kisses sewn in with candy coated lies were the only memories
I have ever had of you.
Who can blame my surges of madness, when all your lies turned true.
So when it comes down to the fact:
No, my once sweet surrender,
we will never get back together.

"Blue, Little Red"
Ink sketch by Skye Lyon. 2013.


  1. Another great poem :) wish i coukd be as creative as you, but keep it up!

  2. That is amazing you are definitely a deep person!!!!! love it.