Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perfect Day

What if I swore now
I would never let you roam alone,
wander the roads,
estranged and deranged,
lacking love…what would you say?
A patient “yes” from you
is what makes me live
for tomorrow.
Your glossy eyes, so meek and vain,
magnetizing me
ever so bashfully with mighty reigns.
A longing break from a recurring trance
to make my heart flutter impulsively again
without a single glance looking back.
A friend, a lover, the one
I see in you.
Fact holds true, what people say,
a historic past perpetually sets on 
that perfect day.
You are all I need.
All I want.
All that makes me crave
to be cradled in your arms evermore.
A hybrid of
grace and fear
only morphs into a pile of
agreeable tears that binds me
to an idyllic man.
You and I,
drifting into the surreal blue
that highlights the greater gain
of a reality that has long been due.
Oh destiny, how I need you
undeniably prepped
for our perfect day.

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