Friday, April 8, 2011

"Taboo Jive" Article #2 - Our Last Frontier: Part I - The Clash of Religion & Somewhere Beyond the Stars

Fathoming the concept of existence and, or absence in the cosmos can be overwhelming to us. No one truly knows…and will most likely never fully understand what lies beyond the threads of our puny galaxy. Are we alone? Are we created in a specific design to fulfill a purpose? Through my eyes, I have tried to come to form some sort of enlightenment for myself to create a better understand of life around me.

Here begins my thought process:

Space is constantly expanding. Time is in the midst of the here and now, everywhere where the shockwave from the “Big Bang” has not touched,  is accompanied by sheer nothingness; therefore, what is that “emptiness” then? What does that “void” consist of? As a child, I always thought that maybe that specific barren space is where Heaven lied. Somewhere beyond the stars. Like a white empty void similar to an empty business office running forever into the distance.

Growing up, I then started to imagine about other “life” besides ourselves. I have to believe there are other planets, such as those seen in science fiction movies and novels existing out in the vast frontier we still have yet to navigate through. Would other races of people look exactly like us or have mutant-like adaptations? After years of simply daydreaming of something more, I concurred that these “other” people would have distinct characteristics of their own and would posses certain attributes for their survival…much like ourselves and the creatures here on our planet but extremely different all together. I imagined these people almost “God like”: statuesque physical features, intellect expanding beyond those of the ancients, and the predestined wisdom of the future. Coming from a mildly religious background, I always considered those thoughts to be too radical for a young girl of Catholic faith to be thinking of.

However, my unruly state of mind did not stop there.

I wondered if extraterrestrial beings happened to be real, would the belief in a god play a role in their society, if they did have their own form of religion? Would other beings that were created by some “force” or “energy” completely rule out and disprove our concept of religion and a god all together?

Without religion, society would unfold therefore making our reality a living chaos. In some ways; however, can our religion be easily substituted with fact?

Maybe it was God who inflicted the “Big Bang” and therefore will withdraw our universe back into its beginning stages of emptiness when all is done expanding. When all matter and energy finally relinquishes its purpose, could the Bible easily define that as our “apocalypse”?

These inquiries can go through an excruciating strain especially if faith is being questioned; although, if both ideas where to melt together in such a way…maybe then religion may not be so implausible and unusual then factual science learned in modern, present day.

The concept of this undivided wonder and imagination can bring up puzzling topics such as human nature, love and all its uncertainty, and the subtle obscurities that haunt us in the back of our mind. The ambiguous universe we learn to flourish in is only the tip of the iceberg…

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