Friday, July 29, 2011

The Formula for a Traveler's Heart

Airplanes going to and from the starting points and the final destinations of many travelers leave the unfortunate residing on the solid earth longing for more. School children stop mesmerized at an aircraft so colossal, new possibilities shine like iridescent glitters on a lifeless metal frame. From across the pond, areas on opposite sides present themselves to shimmer like unopened toys on Christmas day, waiting to be discovered. It lures us in. Seducing our every being. It is luxury so indescribable, yet so frightening and foreboding. What makes us hold back, or better yet, who holds us back from venturing elsewhere? With the mindset of a nomad, yet the outlook of a child...we can be our own worst enemy by revert back into a foreign state of mind. Going forth is only an idea, but what is that one driving force that gets us moving? The answer: a vagabond's heart. The never ending sky, the only friend in plain sight, can be an inviting afterglow of fear as well. It haunts...and in some way...always reminds us of what we want to explore in our lifetime but gives us no direction to take. Se la vie!

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