Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fate Has A Funny Way (Short Story Intro)

In the beginning, the world was but an empty void. Full of darkness. Full of chaos. Nothing emerged out of its grip. Love was an unknown variable. Hate was never alive. It was an existence based on pure absence. Oblivion in which everything was perceived to be fictitious. Reality was but a dream, dreamt by fools and the Gods. Nature was motionless and uninvolved with man. Neither God nor Satan could ever explain what went wrong in the beginning. Life was cold. Dead. The cycle was corrupt until the day that purgatory finally ended. The sky was painted sepia. Heat was formed and created some sort of divine light. The reign of darkness was shattered. Eyes saw for the first time the beauty of being human...

After half a decade, Daryl never knew the life he once fathomed in his dreams and established from scratch would all fade away.

Now, planting his feet on the concrete in the same faded blue jeans he wore the previous day, Daryl contemplated the start of his new found loneliness. He stood there in dismay in the middle of a thunder storm watching the love of his life slip from his arms. Daryl was never a man of raw emotion but at that moment his knees trembled and his eyes teared but there was no movement towards the now estranged woman. Change slithered its way, like a snake in the grass, in between the 36 year old man and his fiancee. Confused as hell, he tried to think of the catalyst that brought his beautiful Zoe to the final solution of their separation.

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