Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Spy Vs. The Supernatural

The moon, rusted with a sanguine color, crooked its menacing smile directly at the woman's face reminding her of the deeds she has done. She missed him. Longing for him day after day. She never thought the words of "love" would creep their way into her thoughts, but they somehow worked their way in. She continues to fall for this man every night she is not by his side...falling so deeply. A slight lust for him was all she held to be true up until that very moment she finally exhaled. Driving with eyes fixed on the road and hands firmly wrapped around the steering wheel, the woman trembled below her seat belt. She murmured sighs of discomfort and released tears deep from her being and out of her bloodshot red eyes. Her nerves grew unsettling by the minute...she had to pull herself together. She was drifting onto her right lane unknowingly. Now, more so then ever, she genuinely felt God laid this wonderful man in her path to finally present to her the true agape that she has been yearning for. The seeker is unmoving, and forever more unconditionally in love.

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