Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ryde Wit Chu (My God...)

Holding on to this moment
before I speak too soon -
 however, my lips cannot help but confess...
all I want to do is venture off with you
down this small town avenue,
down the rippling stream,
where subtle slurs are hardly ever what they mean.
Drifting downward to the meaning
of all the things I would ever need.
Planting the seed of loving greed
when I am alone with you.
So cold and yet so bewitching and fair.
Living with one heart,
never carrying a spare throughout our entire affair.
My eyes have always followed you
regardless of the maze I foolishly placed
my past life in.
Tears falling like diamonds from your eyes -
containing not an ounce of sin -
finding their way through the curvature and blunt edges
of your handsome face
with a droplet's hue of softened blue
that careens your cheek.
You smile like no one has ever made you -
as if no one can see the load
of exuberance emanating from you.
Just have faith in knowing that all I want to do,
is to continue to flow
against the current,
obliterating all odds
just to be with you.
You are my God I pray to for countless nights straight
under millions of witnesses
(known as the constellations):
Orion, Hercules, and both
Ursa Major & Minor -
to name a few -
just to feel you bestow
a sense of completeness
in my afflicted heart.
From the very start,
our eyes locked in such a way
that in my mind there was no alternate way
to flee the gravitational pull
of my attraction to you.

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