Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boy & Girl Meet One Reality

The taste of your tongue -
an assortment of exotic flavors
full of vitality and voluminous
telluric character
that blooms in each one quite
Pools of wet saliva build up inside the burrow of my mouth,
and slowly leak out from the sides due to the insatiable
craving I get just by grazing the lining of my lips
against the brim of your skin -
a certain Pavlovian condition that I
just cannot seem to shake.
Flesh goes numb in every crevice
the moment I see your body walk through my door.
When my mind starts dreaming of you
it grows into a vexing chore.
I instantaneously want
your heartbeat next to my ear,
your fingers coiled in my hair,
your every sigh perfuming my nose.
I want the heavenly bodies to know,
with taupe colored bows wrapped
firmly around these two conscience beings,
we are one.
Bounded together for the long haul...
forever can never be enough.
Every "hello" you utter, makes me realize
the short term agony,
the iridescent solitude
I feel when you whisper "goodbye".
Stay here with me just awhile longer -
bundle your arms around my waist
in such an adolescent fashion -
at the foot of my porch looking up,
so I can absorb every resplendent feature
about you and the sky above
that cradles us
in the prologue of

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