Friday, December 2, 2011

Letters To Claudia (If You're Happy, I Am Happy)

**Dedicated to my Aunt Claudia**

His scars completely sealed
with patches of darkened flesh so
perverse looking,
so undeniably noticeable...
everyone stops and glares
with intolerant eyes
at the incompleteness,
the "imperfect" wounds
that escaped his heart to surface
on the exterior parts of his body.
He only wishes she could see
the incandescent sting she left behind
as a nostalgic memory
concluded with a cliffhanger.
When he left her skin,
Spring bled out of
the only woman who had ever seen
dreams of his that
he expected would have been
tangible with her beside him.
Every quickened lash of the tongue spoke
words of a dear promise,
soaring upward towards
perpetual longevity.
Tears spilled over her glazed green eyes
through her letters...
yet, he will never forget
the whispers of happiness
that were hidden behind locks of gold,
the hand holding of youth
with dainty fingers laced around his arm,
the completeness of the irrational
logic that flooded their heads
during their endless days together.
He was so young...
yet, still, to this very day,
still so in love with her.
It has been years since he had
seen those tears fall down
into the palm of his hand.
Never being able to lend aid to her
stands as his only regret.
Never fully understanding
the complexities she underwent
back at home.
He wants her to know:
for the rest of their lives apart,
his hand will never loosen its grip -
the sun will set on this chapter,
and restore her faith by catch his notes
on every falling star
that is never too far
out of reach. 

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