Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Letter #1 (What Is Real)

Dear ---,

Sometimes, you just know when something is
right. I mean, genuinely right in every possible aspect
when you first meet that one. The only one. 
You stop breathing. All air is exhausted out of your lungs.
You question how so, when all your muscles are numbed
as your body positions itself as stagnant as a mountain.
Unmoving and forever unceasing.
Your lips turn a bruised violet.
It is a cold autumn evening.
Both of you rest a firm gaze into each others eyes
under a flickering patio light.
The only element keeping you alive is the intoxicating smile he sheds your way.
Before you even obtain a full grasp of your surroundings, your heart starts to break.
Your brain stops functioning properly and you finally know what it means
to be on the brink of losing all consciousness,
all sense of practical knowledge,
the sense of one's self existence.
Every sensation experienced during this one encounter is paralyzing; however,
when you finally decide to make that choice, to dive head on over that
jagged ledge and land wherever you may, safely or not,
you realize every chance taken is worth the possibility of perpetual sorrow.
Every faded memory is seen with clarity once again, because with him,
every questionable thought withers away in the midst of his presence.
You see nothing else...tunnel vision puts only him in focus.
Hear nothing more...hearing his every breathe slow down.
Feel only him...the warmth of his kiss.

- and when he is gone and out of your life, you cry knowing
every other lover will never suffice.
If luck appears once again and you discover someone
as real as him,
never think twice...

Love Always,

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