Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Drowning In A Pool Of Tears

Do not mind me,
just merely drowning in the shallow end.
Scarfing down the water that now encapsulates my lungs,
synthesizing itself with a heavy regret and a lost cause.
The enemy wrapping its cold, damp fingers
tightly around my bruised neck as it transports my
feeble body just above the deep end,
faced up, eyes soaking in the grime of the vanilla sky
that hovers just in range.
I grudgingly breathe in
the last ounce of sanity I can possibly muster
before I surrender myself wholly
to the static glow I see
reverberating off the soiled clouds and browning leaves.
No matter what final efforts...I know I am gone.
Waving goodbye to my routine, star-crossed security,
cinematically fading into the ominous haze that brews
behind me, beneath the water, on tiled floor.
Held captive by a lost love's form of voodoo -
a cursed fate to aqua marine blue -
in a quasi permanent fashion, nevermore.

"Pool of Tears"
Reclining nude drawn in charcoal by Skye Lyon. 2012.


  1. You're amazing on painting!:O// you're Swedish friend:)

    1. Awww well thank you, Swedish friend! I am glad you enjoy my artwork! :)

  2. I am glad you are publishing again, allbeit about some pain in your life. Hang in there my friend; things will get better. They always do.

    1. Thank you very much, I am glad I am publishing as well! Things are going BEAUTIFULLY in my life right now :) Absolutely AMAZING...I might add!

      This poem is about the death of one's old self, one's old rotted world in exchange for a pure sense of love and clarity. The feeling of "drowning in the shallow end" or "drowning in a pool of tears" is the idea about someone getting wrapped up in someone elses issues right from the get-go.

      However, the last two sentences of the poem should let the reader know that the speaker has found nirvana in the death of his or her old self and is content and happy with this "euphoric demise". New love can be frightening but comforting when you know it is purely righteous.

      Complicated, I know, but this poem is about blossoming LOVE with the death of an old one.