Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are You Going To Make Me?

Are you persuading me to forgive you?
I think it is about damn time you realize the torture you put me through.
No worries of the consequences attached.
No guilt lingering around your shoulders.
Given so many warnings - you made your point, you never cared.
It is not fair -
You are never going to make me.

Caught red handed, and you still made me witness you conversing so casually with my hated enemy?
Like a dog with its tail between its legs, I stood there outraged in my own passive way at the bottom of your staircase looking up.
You never once thought of the doubts you engraved in my heart.
It was never fair -
You are never going to make me.

Honestly, you are going to explain to me your "hopeless" sob story?
Covering your tracks beneath a mountain of lies?
Do not even bother.
Calling me at 11:00 at night just assures me of your idiocy.
Declaring your "love" for me could have never been so insulting.
In the end, I got what was fair.
You were never going to make me.

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