Sunday, August 14, 2011

Toujours Avec Moi (Forever With Me)

S'il vous plaît trouver dans votre cœur pour vivre éternellement avec moi. A subtle wish and a lonely kiss that drives us closer to the brink of letting ourselves fall eternally away from who we are. Maybe it is the way are paths could never entwine into one, or the way our enemy is Time and his only son. Who can ever know? We venture off into the unknown, wondering what life can potentially be without the one we are "meant to be"...but can such a decision seem to flow so easily?

Yin and Yang, in the marriage of two opposites, learn to coincide together in the only harmonious way they can. Can we? Oh, my one and only love! Please spend forever with me. Fate lead me back into your arms and all I want to do is to spend my eternity solely with you. No one will ever know me quite like you - so from here on out I give all my heart to you.

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