Sunday, March 20, 2011

Design & The Art of Fixation

Sirens from the depths of Hell
wrap arms so gentle -
so vivacious, sovereign, and warm with vitality -
that cause gentleman's heart to swell.
They give you a seductive glance
with a visage so malicious -
so demonic a vex -
no one dare stand a chance.
Her lips speak with belligerence -
to horrific to rehash -
only the crude and sly
obtain the divine power of vehemence.
These creatures feed off of one man -
it is only through him they learn to thrive;
however, tempest being his only enemy
runs thin in the hour glass sand.
His debonair, lustful demeanor
lures me in like a forbidden lullaby -
tenderly bids me to walk forth towards him -
oh! the toil of star crossed lovers, so inferior.
I feel the grip of gravity
drawing me closer into his love -
so vulgar and raw the escape we pretend in -
his darkness engulfs me.

A force, so extreme, manipulates my blood flow -
he exudes the innocence I have always longed for.
Is it sheer possibility? Only God shall know.

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