Sunday, March 13, 2011

South of Heaven & North of Mars

"Sunbeams End, Starlights Begin"
by Skye Lyon
He whose aspirations fall in denial, dare not see the world with an earnest smile. The birth of fury began at last and the demon's disguise finally set in. Through all of this man's minute intricacies, he gave himself up and threw his soul into the flames of everlasting heartache - he fell just south of heaven. While dying slowly in his downward spiral, he made acquaintances with a troubled seraph. Timeless and unbounded by a higher being, they departed from their fate and roamed the universe as two perplexed vagabonds. The pair searched for the memories they lost eons ago, some strenuous and disturbing - but mostly lecherous, libidinous wrinkles of time they truly longed to relive once more. They landed just north of Mars. Desolate. Barren. Empty voids that led to nowhere. God stuttered in nonsense prose - the Devil drifted away in utter confusion...

The two pilgrims dodged birth, death, and eternity itself.

The man and the seraph, just like all beings of the human race, had a genesis not originating from religion. We are all children of the cosmos and are the solved variables from delicate remnants of the stars.

By Skye Lyon
5 November 2010

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