Sunday, March 13, 2011

We Are Not A Science Experiment

How can I pursue the one person I know I will never have? You.

You are that unattainable perfection that can by no means possibly be reached - holding your spirit out in the midst of God's effortless creation is what you are destined for. At vague moments during sundown, as I lay in the presence of new born shadows, I find myself in dire need of your affection. Day by day I grow immovable. I grasp on to you with all my might in hopes of you never floating away. It is impossible to break my sheer fixation with you.

We are not a science experiement, sweetheart. My bond will never tire or weaken. Our paths were interwoven into one linear route for one lone purpose. The chemistry was fortold and predestined by a supreme power. Nothing man made could ever create nor destroy the matter, the energy of our infectous love.

By Skye Lyon
13 March 2011

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