Monday, March 14, 2011

Man Is Beast

Think of it through this perspective –
You are the means I use to control
To grab and squeeze the vitality out of your mortal soul.
I taint and disturb your thoughts of me, every night
To instill doubt, inflict hysteria, to be that obstacle in your life.
But I am not paranoid, no…not to the least extent
You will continue to love me with full intent.
Your wrath will cause anguish and you will learn to embrace my silent ways
However, soon your tempestuousness behavior will die and your acceptance will stay.
Oh, how I adore the way you idolize me as the only deity you see.
The rituals in which you live your life to satisfy my needs entertain me more than you will ever know.
I am man. I am beast.
You dumbfounded little lamb, are my helpless feast.

Let me refrain from everything I said. I love you truly until the day I die - but how am I suppose to love when I do not love myself.

Man is beast and man lives through a woman as his Hell.

By Skye Lyon
20 October 2010

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